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Benefits of using Proper-T-Pro for your staging
Our wall decor does NOT require putting holes in the walls.
We use special adhesive-velcro mounts that don't even leave residue or marks.
They use a special stretch-dismounting technology.
We are the most affordable legitimate staging business.
We use our own furniture, rather than renting. This takes the unnecessary cost out.
We offer EXTERIOR staging.
There's nothing worse than an empty patio, deck or porch! We offer exterior staging. From plants, to furniture, even fire pits and hot tubs!
Easy payment & scheduling
Once you order your Staging appointment using our online ordering form, our scheduler will reach out to you and secure the soonest time/day.
Online ordering
Easily Order at any time using our online ordering form.
We pull up in style.
Imagine being the hot-shot agent you are, and the stagers you just hired pull up in an old squeaky van with mismatching wheels, leaking oil all over the beautiful driveway...
Save the embarrassment! We show up in our always-detailed Proper-T-Pro luxury SUV's and enclosed trailer. 

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